Your business objective is the starting point of our strategic approach. For both short-term and long-term succes.

Brand positioning

What does your brand stand for? What makes you different? We translate your vision, and we keep it simple. Your message must also be understood by everyone.

Integrated campaigns

We translate your unique story into integrated PR and marketing campaigns. We challenge you and embrace experimentation, but always work towards concrete results. We help you to grow, and we’re proud when you succeed.

Reputation management

Building and maintaining a good reputation requires constant attention. We keep you aligned, monitor social developments and advise at management level.

Content strategy

What knowledge, vision and core values do you project in order to inspire potential clients as much as possible? Together with your experts, we create the best content in order to engage with your target group.

Chris Hall Bynder

How Bynder became the talk of the town

TJIP’s new positioning

Thanks to our new positioning, it’s easier for us to get around the table with potential clients.

Dingeman LeijdensFounder and director of TJIP, The Platform Engineers

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