At LDJ, we believe in an “earned first” approach, as a good story can win customers and employees for you. But PR is so much more these days. It is also communication, marketing, both online and offline. Our team consists of people with different backgrounds and skills. For matters that we do not have in-house, we collaborate with a large pool of freelancers.


How do you create a compelling story and how do you ensure that the right people know about it? That’s PR.


Well-executed marketing makes the difference between successful and less successful companies.


An objective view and the right (critical) questions form the basis of a good communication strategy.

Reputation & Growth

Our new business analysis provides insights to get even more out of an organization.

LDJ Packages

The total LDJ package is designed to bring your company to everyone’s attention. LDJ is here to help!

Media training

Once the strategy is in place, it’s time to reach out to the general public with your story.

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