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At LDJ, we have developed a new way of conducting business analysis that can provide you with new insights to get the most out of your organization. Our analysis methods thoroughly examine PR, Marketing, and Sales processes, and consist of four pillars: Revenue, Content, Performance, and Brand.

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If you are looking for more or new forms of revenue, then our Revenue pillar is ideal for you. With a thorough Marketing and Sales audit, we strive to improve your funnel and increase revenue.

With our Content audit, we analyze your website’s SEO, blogs, and funnel content to create the best possible customer experience. We use our LDJ blueprint to identify problems and find the right approach to improve your content and discover new opportunities.

At LDJ, we also understand that online performance is crucial. Our Performance pillar focuses on optimizing your website, online advertisements, and social media. We analyze performance using our own blueprint and expert tools to find improvements and provide advice.

Finally, our Brand pillar, where we analyze your brand visibility and positioning. We strive for increased brand awareness, positioning, and social media presence. We conduct a competitor analysis and scan your media landscape to differentiate your business in the market.


√ Reduce loading times

√ Social Media Performance

√ Higher Engagement

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√ Media landscape Analysis

√ Define USP’s

√ Target group analysis

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√ Website SEO

√ Trendanalysis

√ Sales Funnel

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√ Marketing Automation

√ Sales Audit

√ Funnel Optimization

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√ Brand

√ Content

√ Revenue

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Achieve your business results with an All-in-One marketing and PR strategy

Interested in a complete Company audit? Contact us today. You can also click on the different pillars for more information. At LDJ, your business comes first. Our full Company audit is just one of the ways we do that. Contact us today to learn more about how we can take your business to the next level.

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