Reputation Audit

Would you like to know how your brand is performing? We offer a comprehensive scan to analyze the awareness and positioning of your brand. Based on our expertise, we conduct a compact competitor and brand visibility analysis in both media and online to determine how recognizable your brand is.

Within 6 weeks, a strategy and roadmap to success


Media landscape Analysis

√ Define USP’s

√ Target group analysis

Getting Started

We also investigate the relevant topics and media landscape for your brand, as well as conduct a competitor analysis to gain insights into your Unique Selling Points. Our scan provides an overview of the strengths of your organization and possible ways to better position your brand.

In addition, we analyze your social media presence, including the content and engagement of your brand with your target audience. We provide an overview of how your brand is perceived and how engaged your target audience is on social media.

Our scan offers you new insights to improve and position your brand within the market. Through our expertise and use of various analytical tools, we can provide you with targeted advice on the steps to take to better differentiate your brand.

Grow with LDJ's Company Audit

At LDJ, we have developed a new way of conducting business analysis that can provide you with new insights to get the most out of your organization. Our analysis methods thoroughly examine PR, Marketing, and Sales processes, and consist of four pillars: Revenue, Content, Performance, and Reputation.

Our Reputation pillar, where we analyze your brand visibility and positioning. We strive for increased brand awareness, positioning, and social media presence. We conduct a competitor analysis and scan your media landscape to differentiate your business in the market.

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