Performance Audit

Would you like to achieve better results from your website and social media? We offer a comprehensive audit based on our LDJ blueprint and expertise. Our experts identify issues and opportunities for improvement in website performance, online advertising, and social media.

Within 6 weeks, a strategy and roadmap to success


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Our audit focuses on various aspects of your website, including load time, navigation, user-friendliness, and search engine optimization. For online advertising, we use our LDJ blueprint and expertise to identify areas for improvement in terms of quality, targeting, and effectiveness. We also analyze your social media performance and provide insights and guidance for improving content, frequency, and engagement.

Our audit provides valuable insights and guidance to improve your online performance and reach your goals. With our expertise and use of the LDJ blueprint, we can provide targeted advice on the steps to take to improve your online performance.

Grow with LDJ's Company Audit

At LDJ, we have developed a new way of conducting business analysis that can provide you with new insights to get the most out of your organization. Our analysis methods thoroughly examine PR, Marketing, and Sales processes, and consist of four pillars: Revenue, Content, Performance, and Brand.

At LDJ, we also understand that online performance is crucial. Our Performance pillar focuses on optimizing your website, online advertisements, and social media. We analyze performance using our own blueprint and expert tools to find improvements and provide advice.

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