A solid strategy forms the basis of all future marketing and communication efforts. It provides direction to the organization and helps to set achievable goals. Without a strategy, you’re shooting in the dark. Of course, you might hit something, but you’re likely to miss more often than not. We guide many of our clients through a strategic phase, after which we have a clear brand story on paper and can build towards the future based on strategic starting point

The LDJ Roadmap

Research & insights: Market analysis identifies relevant external factors for the perfect strategy

Baseline measurement and analysis: We analyze current communication channels for insights

Workshop: Analyze, question, strategize for an effective marketing communication.

Positioning & messaging: We craft a brand story, positioning and themes for your communication plan.

Strategy and activities: We put the strategy on paper and propose a series of activities to achieve the objectives.

Execution: After delivery, we start working on the proposed activities right away!


Messaging is much more than just putting your story on paper. By asking questions about what makes your company unique, which key messages you want to highlight, and how you want to present yourself to the world, you are forced to think about your mission, vision, and purpose. This way, messaging provides tools for the entire organization to set the course.

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