TJIP is a successful software supplier from Delft that struggled with an important question a few years ago: how to continue growing? The company had always focussed on software development and had thus gained a strong position, particularly in the world of banking (with clients such as the major banks like ABN AMRO, insurers like ASR and asset managers like BlackRock). However, big software development processes are becoming less common and the scope of projects is getting smaller. Increasingly, the market is moving towards purchasing and configuring cloud platform services. This is why TJIP gradually changed its business model and started focussing on building and developing these platforms.

Lubbers De Jong was given the task of providing input about the company’s new marketing message and providing support for the communication about TJIP’s transformation. What’s more, the company’s new message had to ‘land’ in the market, and there was a need for the right brand recognition for the TJIP brand.


Lubbers De Jong started out by doing several strategic positioning workshops with TJIP’s management and marketing advisor Nathan Kotek. The aim of these workshops was to get to the heart of TJIP’s unique qualities and characteristics, so that TJIP’s message could be concisely expressed.

The positioning workshops resulted in a four-layer messaging strategy in the areas of brand, thought leadership, product and marketing campaigns. The sessions also led to TJIP’s pay-off line: ‘The Platform Engineers’. Platforms are the foundation for companies to make working together easier and to innovate with new technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Part of the new positioning is also the TJIP Innovation Lab, a sanctuary where TJIP can brainstorm with clients and test out innovations that can be decisive in the short and long term. The Innovation Lab is also a great way to engage in dialogue with clients about their digital strategy.

TJIP’s brand recognition is strengthened by developing the company’s own content on various thought leadership themes relevant to TJIP. TJIP uses its own content to build its reputation as a visionary company. By researching themes like artificial intelligence,  interesting insights can be collected and used as conversation starters in national media.


On the basis of the positioning workshops, Lubbers De Jong has helped to boost TJIP’s brand recognition and its new image. The positioning of TJIP as The Platform Engineers and the four layers of messaging flesh out TJIP’s story. Both employees and the management can clearly see what TJIP stands for, ensuring that the transformation to the new business model runs smoothly.

The positioning also ensures that employees can place the company’s activities against the broader background of major developments like the rise of artificial intelligence, blockchain and the sharing economy. The company is able to associate itself with new trends and developments and uses this as a conversation starter in discussions with clients. Since the Innovation Lab went live in 2018, the first collaborations and experiments have been set in motion. The advertising success of TJIP on the news radio station BNR, De Telegraaf newspaper and various trade publications (Computable, Techzine, AMweb, AG Connect, Emerce, DutchITChannel, FM, Emerce, Health&ICT, etc.) also ensures brand recognition and the right image.

Dingeman Leijdens, Director and Founder of TJIP

We are being increasingly well recognised by potential clients as a specialist and an innovative partner, thanks to our new positioning and the awareness that we’re generating for our company with the help of Lubbers De Jong. They helped us with our brand recognition and that really paid off.”