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Harmony and Serenity


Synctuition is a mindspa meditation app that uses binaural beats, guided meditation and 3D sound technology. You listen to the app’s audio tracks, also called journeys, through headphones. You hear different sound frequencies on both sides and your brain is able to harmonize this and puts you in a state of deep meditation. This is the same mental state experienced by people who meditate regularly. 


It was LDJs mission to generate as much visibility for Synctuition and its meditation app as possible and boost the number of app-downloads in The Netherlands 


The hectic life in which we are more than ever overstimulated, there is a great need for rest and relaxation. Synctuition wants to reduce the threshold to meditation and mental health with the latest sound technologies. Thanks to an integrated marketing & PR approach, we can create attention for the problem and the solution of Synction in the most effective way possible. 

LDJ made use of an integrated PR and online marketing campaign, using a broad media mix: social media advertising, free publicity, and influencer marketing​ especially designed for the Dutch market.  

The Results

Our approach has resulted in (25) excellent publications in, among others, WomensHealth, Techradar and the Financieel Dagblad. Not only the publications were a success, but also our collaboration with various Dutch influencers such as Victoria Koblenko and Sigrid ten Napel. This combined with social media advertisements on various relevant platforms has resulted in more than 8000 downloads in the Netherlands. (2nd worldwide in absolute downloads) 




App downloads in the Netherlands


In absolute downloads worldwide


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