Plantronics is a major advocate of smarter working and pays a lot of attention to the workplace. It must be attractive to employees and improve productive work. In the spring of 2017, Plantronics opened its new office that meets the smarter working principles. Employees should be able to work in a concentrated manner, but a meeting is also possible. You should be able to work well with colleagues, with possibilities for clear communication and relaxation, without causing noise disturbance. As an expert in the field of audio communication, Plantronics wanted the new building to be an acoustic temple.


Nineteen Dutch journalists participated in the presentations and tours of the building. There were eight interviews with various spokespersons, including CEO Joe Burton, senior vice president and chief human resources InaMarie Johnson, and regional director Benelux & Nordics, Frank Timmermans.

In total, the opening of the building received coverage from 33 different media outlets. Some of the publications included: Computable, RTL Nieuws (the same article was also published on Bright and RTL Z), Duurzaam Gebouwd, BNR Duurzaam, CustomerFirst, and OverHetNieuweWerken. The research on office environments appeared in 32 publications, including Gooi en Eemlander.


As a trusted PR partner, Lubbers De Jong helped make the opening day memorable. We were responsible for inviting experts, journalists, and analysts. Additionally, we organized the press program, photography, interviews and messaging, content production (both before and after the event), and social media activities. We also provided general organizational support.

The campaign aimed to position Plantronics as an expert in audiocommunication. Additionally, we wanted to generate positive media attention for the new office, the associated technology (such as the intelligent sound management system), and the Plantronics brand.


Together with the local marketing manager, we developed a plan to promote the office and the vision and ambition of Plantronics. After consultation with the EMEA marketing communications manager, the coordinating agency in the United Kingdom, and the communication team in the United States, we started with the first phase: inviting journalists, analysts, experts, and influencers in the field of sound management, architecture, technology, HR, and sustainability.

Additionally, after the alignment, we started writing blogs on behalf of the regional director, setting up a local survey and incorporating the results into a press release, writing a press release about the new office, and compiling a press kit and briefing books. A team of three people guided the interviews and the press on the opening day. Afterward, the two press releases were sent out, and various blogs were posted.

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