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Charging stations


EVBox is one of the largest providers of electric car charging solutions and related software worldwide. In 2018, EVBox started the initiative to equip charging stations with an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). Every day in the Netherlands, 300 people suffer a heart attack outside the hospital. With these AEDs, thousands of lives can be saved.


Lubbers De Jong was given the fine task of providing publicity around this collaboration between EVBox, City AED foundation, municipality of Delft and energy company Engie.


With the installation of the AEDs, EVBox wants to show that charging stations in the public domain have a greater social benefit than just charging electronic cars. With the action, EVBox wants to increase social support for charging solutions in the streetscape. But more importantly: AEDs save lives. There is a shortage of AEDs in public locations and the devices must be easily accessible. An ideal match, then, with charging stations for electronic transport devices.

Our approach was both strategic and executive. The strategy and communication framework were discussed with the stakeholders involved, the municipality of Delft, the City AED foundation and energy company Engie. To generate as much press coverage as possible, Lubbers De Jong used media pitches. We offered the story exclusively to different media before the press release was sent out on the day of the unveiling. Because good images can be decisive in media success, a professional photographer captured the unveiling. The photos could be used freely by the press.


The launch of AEDs on charging stations ultimately garnered a lot of attention. De Telegraaf, Algemeen Dagblad, Trouw, Omroep West, as well as industry magazines Skipr and de Nationale Zorggids wrote about the life-saving charging station innovation. The news was also published on various patient platforms. In addition to the publicity success, the reporting also stirred up a lot of interest within EVBox. Council members from other municipalities (such as Zoetermeer and De Bilt) want to follow Delft and discuss the possibilities of equipping charging stations with AEDs in the media. The organization is participating in tenders from various municipalities, while policy makers are also contacting EVBox themselves. This has turned the idea of making AEDs more easily accessible into an important unique selling point in the sustainability of mobility.


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